Rich boy gives away a C7 Corvette to a stranger

I remember once going down to the garage to spend all my hard earned cash on a car that I had my heart set on for years, only to arrive and see that they had reduced the price by 20%. I felt like destiny had acted in a kind and loving way, making me the luckiest man on the planet. A few weeks later I realised that this feeling had been a cruel trick, lifting me up only to let me fall, as I found myself on the hard shoulder with a useless second hand Mercedes-Benz C Class that was nothing but trouble from the day I bought it. It turns out I wasn’t the luckiest man in the world at all, and I think that I now know, who is.

Just imagine walking down the street, after a hard days work, when some teenager who looks like he can barely grow a mustache, pulls over next to you in a £50,000 car that you will probably never be able to afford. He gets out all excitable and starts chewing your ear off about the car. At this point you would probably be thinking, “who the hell is this tosser, rubbing in the fact that he’s driving around in a sick car, whilst I’m walking around like some sort of peasant”. But then he says you can have it, for free. After minutes of asking what the catch is and wondering whether this is all some elaborate plot by a psycho to get you in a car to then kill you, the teenager hands over the key, as well as paperwork for you to sign making the vehicle yours. You get in, drive away and never see him again.  Sounds crazy, but this actually happened. The car in question was a C7 Corvette Stingray, I’d be happy with a free Ford Puma, heck I’d be happy with a free Big Mac. The free giveaway was a stunt for a YouTube channel called RichKidsTV.

Obviously there are skeptics out there that assume the video is just a fake way to get views, they may have a point as the guy doesn’t even establish whether or not he has a driving license before handing it over. That, along with the fact that I’m bitter and jealous makes me think it is probably fake. But i’ll let you be the judge!

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